Tip of the Week September 16, 2013

Use Schedule Icons to determine how a volunteer is scheduled.

In Volgistics, volunteers can be scheduled in two different ways. In some assignments, the task does not need to be performed at a specific time of day. Volgistics refers to these assignments as “any time” assignments. There are also assignments where coverage is needed during specific shifts on certain days of the week. Volgistics refers to these assignments as “openings only” assignments. Your organization may have one, or both, of these types of assignments. Help topic 1180 explains more.

The icons that appear on the daily and/or monthly schedules allow you to quickly identify unfilled openings, individual or group volunteer records, and if a volunteer is scheduled to fill an opening or placed on the schedule without filling an opening. You can find out more about the icons that appear on the schedule in Help topic 1205.

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