Tip of the Week July 29, 2013

Improve report accuracy by not scheduling automatic monthly reports for the first of the month.

Many organizations use Volgistics’ automatic report feature to create monthly reports such as month end service reports. This feature is great because the reports show up on the In Box tab of your Volgistics Mailbox on the day of the month you select to have them generated.

However, one problem may occur with this. If all service has not been entered yet when the report is run, the report will not be accurate. For example, if your reports are setup to be run on the first of each month and the person entering service for volunteers has not completed this for the previous month yet. Or if you allow your volunteers to enter service through VicNet for past dates and they have not entered all service for the month yet.

To prevent this possibility, you can select a day of the month after the first to have the report produced. This will allow extra time for the service information to be entered into your account. As long as the Include tab of the service report is setup for “all of the months so far . . .” or “the most recently ended month” the report will show service for just the previous month even if it is not run on the first. This will benefit you because the report will not need to be re-run later to include service entered after the first.

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