Tip of the Week April 1, 2013

New Universal Login feature pre-release announcement

To protect your account from unauthorized users, Volgistics uses a three part login requiring the correct account number, user name, and password. However, we are pleased to announce that we will soon release a new Universal Login feature that gives you the option of bypassing the necessity of entering this information.

Our Development Team has developed advanced algorithms that automatically detect which account you want to access. You no longer need to be bothered with entering an account number, user name (email address), or password. Just go to www.volgistics.com, and think about the account you need. The algorithms determine that you are who you think you are so you’ll automatically be logged in to your Volgistics account.

At a different computer than you usually use? No problem, the Universal Login feature automatically knows this and still directs you to the correct account. Have more than one Volgistics account? Again, no problem! The Universal Login feature knows which one of your accounts you need and logs you in. If you want to learn more about this incredible new option, click here for more information!

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