Tip of the Week June 11, 2012

Use Flags to create levels of volunteer training for self-scheduling

Some organizations have training programs that require volunteers to complete a level of training in order to be able to sign-up for certain assignments using Vic Self-Scheduling. If your organization is one of these, you can use Flags to control which volunteers can use self-scheduling to sign-up for assignments that require a certain tier of training to be completed.  To do this, first you would create Flags such as “Level One,” “Level Two” and “Level Three” to show the different levels of training. Help topic 2263 “Using the Type and the Flags Fields” shows how to do this. Then as volunteers complete the training, you’d add the appropriate Flag to their records.

To limit assignments so only volunteers that have completed the training can self-schedule, add the Flag requirement to the Rules tab of the assignment. For example, if an assignment requires that a volunteer has completed “Level Two” training, place that Flag as a requirement on the Rules tab. Now only volunteers with the “Level Two” Flag on their record will be able to self-schedule for that assignment.  Help topic 2172 “Schedule Rules” explains more about how this works.

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