Tip of the Week August 13, 2018

Create a date field to track when contact information was updated last, or other date records.

Volgistics does not automatically keep a date record to indicate when a volunteer’s profile or contact information was last updated. However, you can use the spare fields on the Profile tab of volunteer records to create a custom field for tracking this information. Here is how to create a custom date field:

  1. Select Setup from the Menu.
  2. Expand the “Field options” link.
  3. Select “Profile tab (for volunteers).”
  4. Select the first “Spare field” that has “(Hidden)” behind it.
  5. Change the “Field format” to Date, give your field a name, and change the “Hidden” setting to No.
  6. Click the Save button.

When dates are stored like this you will be able to create a Set to identify volunteer records that were updated during a specific time period. System Operators will be able to use this field to note the date they updated a record, and through VicNet this field can allow volunteers and Coordinators can note when they updated the contact information last.

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Tip of the Week August 06, 2018

Find out how a service entry was created, or if the entry was edited.

Service records in Volgistics can be created in a variety of different ways. Sometimes it is useful to be able to tell which method was used to create the record, or if the entry has been edited. To find this out you need to look at the service entry on the volunteer’s record. Click the Edit link beside the entry you need when you find it.

This opens an edit window that will have a Source message in light gray text at the bottom of the window. Service records created individually, or through VicNet and VicTouch, will include a service record number. A service record entered through VicNet or VicTouch that has been edited by a System Operator will show it was edited manually. To find out which operator edited a service entry, you can note the record number and then search for it in your account’s Event Log.

Service entered for multiple volunteers at once through the Post page will not show a record number. Instead, it will show the batch number that was assigned to all the records posted for that group. You can use the batch number to print a report of this posted service. The name of the System Operator that posted the service will appear on the report.

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Tip of the Week July 30, 2018

Update your organization’s name, address or other information

If your organization has changed its name, you may want to update your account so the correct name displays. Or, if you’ve moved to a different address, it’s always a good idea to keep the correct address on file. You can update your organization’s name, address, phone number and web site address by following these steps:

  1. Select ‘Setup’ from the Menu.
  2. Expand the “Account management” link.
  3. Select “Agency information.”
  4. Edit the necessary information.
  5. Click the ‘Save’ button to update your record.

This will update this account information in the Volgistics Store as well as in your account. Help topic 2312 explains more. Please note that your billing contact and credit card information can only be updated through the secure Volgistics Store.

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Tip of the Week July 23, 2018

Use a second monitor to show the Who’s Here page at VicTouch sign-in kiosk

Organizations that use the VicTouch module to record volunteer service sometimes want volunteers or Coordinators to be able to quickly see which volunteers have arrived. You can do this by connecting a second monitor to the computer that runs your VicTouch station. Once the monitor is functional, a System Operator will need to initially setup the display by following the directions under the “Full page” heading in help topic 2307.

If you do not want volunteers to be able to edit their own service entries, you will need to either use a non-touch screen monitor as the second monitor, or mount the second monitor to the wall where people cannot reach it.

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Tip of the Week July 16, 2018

Setup automatic reports to remind you to change a youth volunteer’s record when they become adults

Many organizations separate adult and youth volunteers by giving them different Types in their account such as “Adult” and “Junior.” There is not a way to automatically change the volunteer’s Type when they reach a specific age, but you can create a report to automatically be run to remind you to update their records.

To do this, first create a Set to identify volunteers who have the “Junior” Type but now have an Age higher than the age category’s coverage. You will need to use the “Their Type” and “Their Age” Set rules. Once the Set has been created, create a custom Volunteer List report and select the name of the Set you created on the Include page. Save the report to run automatically on a weekly or monthly basis to remind you to update these volunteer records.

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Tip of the Week July 09, 2018

Optimize PDF file sizes for more efficient delivery and quicker file opening speeds

With Volgistics, you can include PDF documents as attachments that you send to your volunteers or Coordinators. When you do this, it is a good practice to always optimize the file you’re sending. This reduces the file size, which has a number of advantages. It assures your message will be delivered if the recipient’s ISP limits file sizes, it allows your message to be processed faster which could speed up delivery, and the file will also open faster when the recipients view it.

The method you use to optimize the file will depend on the program you use to create it.

  • If you use Microsoft Word and the “Save as” function to save in the PDF format, select “Minimum Size (publishing online)” as the “Optimize for” option.
  • If you use Adobe Acrobat, use the PDF Optimizer under the Advanced menu.

If you use a different method, program, or version of one of the programs listed to create your PDF files, you may need to search the Internet, or refer to the program’s help documentation for information on how to reduce the file size.

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Tip of the Week July 02, 2018

Sort the columns of information in the Volgistics Mailbox

The Volgistics Mailbox consists of the In Box, Out Box, Applications, Service, Help E-mail and Documents tabs. Each of these tabs is shared by the System Operators in your account (or all operators from the same Site if Site Level Access is enabled). As the number of items on a tab increases, it can become difficult to find the specific item you’re looking for.

To make finding what you need easier, you can sort each tab’s information using the column headings. For example, to reverse the order of items on the In Box tab from the most recent at the top and the oldest at the bottom, click the heading at the top of the Date column. Now the tab will be sorted with the oldest items at the top and the most recent items at the bottom. Or, to sort the information on the tab according to which System Operator it was sent to, click the heading at the top of the To column. Now the tab will be sorted alphabetically according to the operator’s first name.

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Tip of the Week June 25, 2018

Keep billing contact’s email address up-to-date to ensure account information is received

In many organizations, the person responsible for paying the account’s service fees and managing invoices and receipts may not actually be an account Administrator. To allow this person to receive billing notices, Volgistics provides a separate email address for the account’s billing contact. This email address can only be configured via the secure Volgistics Store, so there is not a way for the address to be updated by restricted system operators or the Volgistics Team.

However, each account’s Administrator, or a person with the Accounting Access Code for the account, can sign into the Store and easily update the billing contact’s email address. Help topic 1019 has step-by-step directions on how to do this.

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Tip of the Week June 18, 2018

Post documents for volunteers to download on VicNet

If your organization uses the VicNet module, you can post documents on the Home tab for volunteers to download and print from their home computers. These could be informational files such as volunteer newsletters or manuals. Or they could be items you need volunteers to complete and return such as background check forms or parking pass applications.

By placing these on VicNet, you can avoid making the documents available to everyone on the Internet because only your volunteers can login to VicNet. Another advantage is that you can complete the steps yourself without requiring your web site designer to place a link on your organization’s web site. You can add documents to the Home tab of VicNet by uploading those documents to your Mailbox Documents Tab and then setting up a Document Link Box for the file.

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Tip of the Week June 11, 2018

Clean up your report list by deleting multiple reports at a time

As you or other system operators use Volgistics’ reporting features, your ‘Print’ page may accumulate a large number of custom reports. Some of these may be automatic reports or other useful reports that will be used again in the future, while others may have been created just for one-time use. Deleting reports that you have no further need of can be a great way to keep your ‘Print’ page navigable and concise so that users can quickly find the custom reports they’re looking for.

You can delete one report by selecting it from the ‘Print’ page and clicking the ‘Delete it’ button, but if you’d like to delete multiple reports at a time you can use the ‘Delete multiple reports’ button located at the bottom of the ‘Print’ page. This will generate a dialog box allowing you to check all of the reports you’d like to delete, and to delete them all at once.

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