Benefits of Family Volunteerism

Benefits of Family Volunteerism

Is your nonprofit looking for ways to diversify its volunteer roll? Add more flexibility to the volunteer schedule? Bring new talent through the door? Expand programming or projects across the upcoming calendar year? If you answered yes to any of these questions — and what nonprofit wouldn’t — then managing a family volunteer program should

Volunteer & Assignment Matching

Tip of the Week May 11, 2020 Volgistics includes features for matching volunteers and Assignments. Volunteers are considered as matching – or not matching – an assignment based on the selections on the Profile tabs for both the Assignment and the volunteer. The matching features can be a great way to find Assignments a particular

Protect your account with strong passwords

Tip of the Week May 4, 2020 Data security is often at the forefront of the news today. We strive to make your Volgistics account secure behind the scenes, and prevent unauthorized users from gaining access by using three-part authentication for login, and security blocks to prevent repeated login attempts. However, security experts feel that

Seven Tips For Your Volunteer Waivers

Seven Tips for Volunteer Waivers

Organizations often avoid using volunteer waiver agreements for several reasons. Administrators may feel the nature of volunteer roles doesn’t call for such strong legal documents, or work only with a select group of seasoned volunteers whom they know and trust. Likewise, they may simply not have the time to create these formal waivers or understand

Helpful Hints for VicNet Passwords

Tip of the Week April 27, 2020 If your organization uses the VicNet module, your volunteers will login to this module using their email address and their VicNet password. The VicNet Ground Rules page allows you to manage password settings, and volunteers can choose to update their password at any time by clicking the Forget

Volunteer Orientation: Setting Volunteers Up for Success

Volunteer Orientation Setting Volunteers Up for Success

Volunteers are vital to the success of many organizations. About 77.3 million people volunteer with at least one organization, according to the U.S. Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). These people perform a huge variety of tasks, from walking dogs, tutoring kids, and serving food at food kitchens to filing paperwork, running errands, and fundraising. And

National Volunteer Week (U.S. & Canada)

Tip of the Week April 20, 2020 National Volunteer Week has arrived! National Volunteer Week was established to inspire people to volunteer to make their communities a better place, to promote the recognition of volunteers, and to encourage volunteerism in general. The U.S. and Canada will celebrate NVW this year from April 19-25, 2020. Australia

How to Create a Volunteer Program and Prepare Your Nonprofit for Volunteers

How to Create a Volunteer Program and Prepare Your Nonprofit for Volunteers

Congratulations! Your nonprofit organization is ready to recruit volunteers to take operations, events, and fundraising work to the next level. When starting a volunteer program from scratch, review these best practices to create an ideal, streamlined volunteer management system — one that’ll jumpstart your program on the right path. Here are the steps to a

Add training links to VicNet

Tip of the Week April 13, 2020 If your organization uses the VicNet module you can place a link on the Home tab of VicNet to training materials the volunteers need. Volunteers can login and click the link to be taken to the web address that has the information. This allows you to post links

Key Analytics for Volunteer Organizations

Key Analytics for Volunteer Organizations

You don’t need a degree in advanced data analytics to extract valuable insights from your organization’s activities. Get a sense of how volunteer organizations can use analytics and — more importantly — what these metrics have to tell you about improving your operations. We’ll walk you through it in our guide to nonprofit analytics. Why Have KPIs for Your