Tip of the Week January 16, 2017

Track the total number of shifts or visits volunteers serve

Organizations may want to track how many times their volunteers have served, rather than just how many hours they've served. Volgistics makes this possible with Service Measures. These are an ideal feature for recording special types of service performed, and can be easily configured to keep track of the number of 'Shifts' or 'Visits' that volunteers complete.

To setup a Service Measure to keep track of 'Shifts' or 'Visits', you'll start by selecting 'Setup', then choosing 'Service tracking', and clicking 'Service measures'. Select any available measure to get started. Enter a name (such as "Shifts" or "Visits"), keep the Format set to 'Whole number (0)', enter a 'Default value' of "1", and then click the 'Save' button. Once you've done this, re-select the Service Measure, click the "Make default value retroactive" button, and then click 'OK'.

This will update all existing service entries and setup all future service entries to count as "1" Shift or Visit. You can then include this data in many types of custom reports, such as custom Service Summary Reports or Service Details Reports, to obtain information on not just how many hours volunteers have served, but how many shifts or visits they have served.

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Tip of the Week January 09, 2017

Find Volgistics W-9 form online

Many organizations are required to have an up-to-date W-9 form from companies that they do business with. For convenience, we update our W-9 form regularly and you can access it online. This allows you to save the W-9 form as a PDF document, or print a copy of the form without downloading it.

Please go to the following URL address if you need a copy of our current W-9 form:


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Tip of the Week January 2, 2017

Review the basics in the Volgistics Getting Started Guide

For new or prospective Volgistics users, or for experienced users who would like to freshen up on the core settings and features of their account, Volgistics offers a comprehensive Getting Started Guide. This guide provides an easy-to-navigate tour of the system and covers numerous introductory topics explaining fundamental settings and features.

The Getting Started Guide can be a valuable resource for organizations that are planning or beginning to use Volgistics, or who would like a simple way to familiarize new employees with using and making the most of its capabilities.

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Tip of the Week December 19, 2016

Find a volunteer's last access to VicNet

If you use the VicNet module to allow volunteers to login to the secure portal to do things such as update their contact information, download forms, receive messages, view or record service, and more, you may sometimes need to see when a volunteer signed into the module last. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Select Volunteers from the Menu.

  2. Find the volunteer record you need.

  3. Click on the Vic tab of the record.

The date the volunteer last signed-in will appear after "Last access was." If the volunteer has never signed-in to the module, this will show "(never)" instead of a date. You can also add this field to the list that appears when you select Volunteers from the menu. You can find directions on how to do this in Help topic 1202.

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Volgistics Now Supports Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has been added to the list of web browsers Volgistics supports for use with the system

Volgistics is a cloud based system so you access your account over the Internet by using a web browser. Microsoft Edge has recently been added to the list of web browsers approved to use with the system. Microsoft Edge is only available for computers with the Windows 10 operating system. If you are using a computer with a different operating system (such as Windows 7 or any Mac OS), you will not be able to use Microsoft Edge. In this case, you should use one of the other web browsers listed in our System Requirements.

Please note that the VicTouch module requires either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer to launch in kiosk mode. So even if you setup a VicTouch station with a computer that uses the Windows 10 operating system, you will need to use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer instead of Microsoft Edge at the sign-in station.

If you have questions, or experience problems related to using Microsoft Edge, please submit a help inquiry and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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Tip of the Week December 5, 2016

Track multiple addresses and phone numbers for volunteers on their Contacts tab

Volunteer addresses and phone numbers are stored on the Core tab of the volunteer record. In most cases this is sufficient to track the volunteer's information. But sometimes a volunteer record may have more than one address or phone number you want to track, such as if the volunteer is a snow bird with a seasonal address, or has a business and home address.

Help topic 2296 shows how you can use the Contacts tab to track multiple addresses and phone numbers for one record. If you're interested in other uses for the Contacts tab, you may find the following help topics useful:

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Tip of the Week November 28, 2016

Go to the Schedule tab of an Assignment from the Schedule page

There are different ways to view the schedule in Volgistics to match the rendering that fits your needs the best. For example, if you want to view the schedule for your entire organization, you can select Schedule from the menu. Or, if you want to view the schedule for one particular Site, Place or Assignment, you can select Assignments from the menu, click on the name of the Site, Place or Assignment, and then select the Schedule tab. You can even view the schedule for just a particular volunteer or Coordinator by clicking on the Schedule tab in that volunteer's or Coordinator's record.

If you are viewing the daily view of the entire schedule after you select Schedule from the menu, there may be times when want to go directly to the schedule for a particular Assignment. For instance, you may need to add an additional opening to an Assignment. Volgistics makes this easy to do by making the Assignment names clickable links. Just place your cursor over the Assignment's name and select it. You'll be taken directly to the Schedule tab of the Assignment.

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Tip of the Week November 21, 2016

Use floating subtotals for recording service in a specific period of time.

In addition to regular service hour entries, Volgistics automatically keeps a total for month-to-date (MTD), fiscal year-to-date (YTD), and life hours for volunteers. There are also two floating subtotal fields that you can use to keep track of service performed during time periods that you select. The floating subtotal figures are available in reports and also appear in the Statistics box on the Core tabCore tab of the volunteer record.

These fields can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, if your organization operates on a fiscal year the YTD total will record all service performed so far in the current fiscal year. You could also setup floating subtotal fields to track service hours performed in the previous two fiscal years. Or if your organization has a special event where your volunteer service peaks, but also has volunteers that serve during other times of the year, you could use the floating subtotal fields to track how much service is performed between the dates of your event.

Help topic 2260 explains more about how to setup floating subtotals in your account.

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