Tip of the Week December 15, 2014

Use the Travel Time Merit Hour rule to add drive time to volunteer service.

Some organizations like to add a volunteer's drive or travel time into their volunteer service contributed. If you give an average, or estimated, drive time, you can have Volgistics automatically add this onto the volunteer's service entries by using Merit Hours.

This feature allows you to give an equal amount of travel time (such as 30 minutes) to all volunteers. Or you can create Flags to identify an estimated drive time for the volunteer. For example, you may have a Flag for "½ hour," "1 hour," "1 ½ hours," etc. Place the appropriate Flag on the volunteer records it applies to.

You can find more information on setting up the Travel Time Merit Hours feature in Help topic 1210.

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Tip of the Week December 8, 2014

See how many submissions an application has received in a year

Many organizations that use the online application forms want to know how many applications they have received in a year, or another time period. This can be useful for internal information, or for completing reports for grants and other external agencies. While you can create Sets to identify the number of volunteers who have a Status such as Applicant during a certain time period, Volgistics also tracks the number of submissions each application form you use receives. If you want to track this for a year, it may be useful to reset the counter when 2015 arrives so you can note the number at the end of 2015. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Select Setup from the Menu.

  2. Expand the "Online forms" link.

  3. Select "Volunteer application forms."

  4. Select the name of the form you want to reset the count for.

  5. Scroll down to the Submissions heading and click the Reset this count button.

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Tip of the Week December 1, 2014

Include the Source, Batch or Directive fields for service entries on Service Detail Reports

Service Detail reports are designed to provide specific information about service entries that appear on the volunteer's Service tab. When you create a custom Service Detail report and select to list volunteers on the Options tab, you can include regular volunteer fields on the Fields tab. Listing volunteers also allows you to select the Source, Batch and Directive fields.

The Source field is beneficial because it shows how the service was entered. "Manual" means a System Operator entered the service, or edited a service entry. "VicNet" means the service was entered by the volunteer on the Time Sheet tab of VicNet, and "VicTouch" means the entry was created by the volunteer signing in through VicTouch. Including the Batch field will show the batch number service was posted under if any apply. The Directive field will show which Mandatory Service program, if any, the service was applied.

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Tip of the Week November 24, 2014

Create an automatic report that shows volunteers due for a Checklist item

Volgistics includes a Checklist item feature to help you track things such orientations, flu shots, and background checks. You can use the Tickler feature in Volgistics to find volunteers who are due for a Checklist item. But you could also create an automatic monthly report showing volunteers who are due.

To do this, the first step is to create a Set to identify the volunteers who are due. Help topic 2181 has general guidelines on making a Set if you're unfamiliar with this. Your Set will use the "Their Checklist Set Rule" Since it will be part of an automatic report, you won't be able to use the option that lists the month's name. Instead you should use the "Due now" and/or "Due in the next 30 days" options.

Once the Set has been created, make a custom report that will show the information you need. Select the name of the Set on the Include page of the report to limit the report to just volunteers in the Set. Then use the settings on the Save page to make it an automatic report..

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Tip of the Week November 17, 2014

Spread holiday cheer with the VicTouch Greeting Cards feature

If your organization uses the VicTouch module, you can create holiday cards that will be displayed when volunteers sign-in to serve. The setup options allow you to customize a heading and message, and choose a date range for when the cards will be shown. You can use the graphics that are included, or upload a unique image for your organization. Images can be in GIF, JPG or PNG file formats and must be under 48 Kb in size.

You can setup two different holiday cards at a time with different date ranges selected for delivery. The holiday cards can be changed during the year to send greetings for all of the holidays your organization wants to acknowledge. The Greeting Cards feature also allows you to setup birthday and start date anniversary cards that will automatically be shown to volunteers when their special day arrives.

Help topic 2326 has more information on the Greeting Cards feature. See Help topic 2327 for instructions on how to setup your account's cards.

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Tip of the Week November 10, 2014

Non-archived records can now be tagged and deleted in batches

Volgistics has added the ability to tag non-archived records and then delete them. This will make the job of managing volunteer records more efficient because it provides a way to delete multiple non-archived records without archiving the records first.

You can learn more about this in the blog here.

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Delete Multiple Records at the Same Time

Non-archived records can now be tagged and deleted in batches

Volgistics was originally designed to only allow one non-archived record to be deleted at a time. This helped prevent situations where multiple records were accidentally deleted and became non-recoverable. In March, we added a new feature that gives you the ability to restore deleted records during a 5 day period. This feature allowed us to add the ability to delete multiple non-archived records at once by tagging the records you want to delete.

You can find more information on how to use this new feature in Help topic 2309.

Deleting multiple records at once will make the process of managing volunteer records more efficient and we hope it makes your job as a volunteer coordinator easier. If you have any questions about this new feature, please contact the Volgistics Support Team.

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Tip of the Week November 3, 2014

How to schedule substitutes for regularly scheduled volunteers who are on vacation or have a prolonged absence.

Volgistics comes with a built-in feature to make scheduling substitute volunteers for short term absences easier. If your volunteer will only be gone a couple of days, this way works great because it is easier and your schedule will show that the substitute is filling in for the regular volunteer.

However, if your regularly scheduled volunteers will be gone for a number of days, you would need to schedule the substitute on each day the regularly scheduled volunteer will be gone. While this works fine, there is another way you can schedule a substitute for an extended time. This method does not have the advantage of showing both the substitute and the regular volunteers' names on the schedule, but it does allow you to schedule the replacement volunteer and put the regular volunteer back on the schedule. Help topic 2555 shows the steps to take to do this.

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Tip of the Week October 27, 2014

The VicNet Time Sheet tab can now be enabled for just selected volunteers

Depending on your organization's needs, you may want to give all volunteers access to VicNet but only allow a selected group to use the Time Sheet tab to enter service information. We recently updated Volgistics to allow you to do this.

Please read more in the Blog here.

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Restrict VicNet Time Sheet Tab Access

The VicNet Time Sheet tab can now be enabled for just selected volunteers

The VicNet module has a Time Sheet tab feature that allows your volunteers to input their service information from any computer or device connected to the Internet. Depending on your organization, you may want all volunteers to have access to VicNet, but only allow certain volunteers to enter their service information. For example, if your organization has Adult and Youth volunteers and you only want Adult volunteers to be able to enter service hours. Or, you may use VicTouch to track hours for the majority of your volunteers when they sign-in and out at your facility, but you have some volunteers who serve off-site in the community, and you want to allow these volunteers to enter their hours and mileage.

Volgistics recently added a new feature to VicNet that will enable you to do this. The tab can now be setup so only volunteers with a certain Type and/or Flag can see the tab. Volunteers who have access to VicNet, but who do not have the required Type or Flag, will not see the Time Sheet tab. Help topic 1204 shows how to set this up.

As always, you can setup your account so service entries made through VicNet are sent to be audited by a System Operator.

This new feature adds flexibility to the methods available to track service so we're confident it will be a useful addition. Please submit a help inquiry to the support team if you have any questions about this that were not answered in this blog.

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