Tip of the Week May 25, 2015

Use Sets to make Checklist items apply to volunteers in multiple Assignments.

When you setup a Checklist item, you can have it apply to volunteers who have a specific Assignment by selecting that Assignment's name from the "Those assigned to" dropdown list. Or, you can select a Site or a Place from the dropdown to make the Checklist item apply to all volunteers who have any Assignment that falls under the Site or Place you select. (You can learn more about the Site, Place and Assignment structure in Help topic 2099.)

But what if you only want the Checklist to apply to volunteers who have certain Assignments that fall under a Site or Place? Or you need to have the Checklist apply to volunteers who have Assignments that fall under different Sites or Places? You can do this by creating a Set based on the "Their Assignment" or the "Their Assignment Cluster" Set rules.

After you test the Set to make sure it identifies the volunteers who have the Assignments you want for the Checklist item, select the name of the Set from the "If they are in this set" field on the setup page for the Checklist item. Your Checklist will now apply to volunteers with the multiple Assignments identified in the Set.

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Tip of the Week May 18, 2015

If your organization uses the VicTouch module, please note we recommend using it in kiosk mode whenever possible. The kiosk mode causes the display to fill the entire screen. This hides the URL address and web browser controls to make access more secure. You can find information on starting the module in kiosk mode in help topic 2289.

If you start the module in kiosk mode, you need to enter a special code to exit the module. There is also a unique VicTouch access code for your account that is part of the URL address entered to start the module. You can customize either of these in your account if needed. To do this:

1. Select Setup from the menu.

2. Expand the VicTouch link.

3. Select Ground rules.

The access code is located under the Startup heading and the exit code is located under the Exit Code heading. Remember to click the Save button after you make any changes.

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Tip of the Week May 11, 2015

Helpful hints for using Tags

The Tags feature in Volgistics provides a useful way to temporarily mark multiple volunteer records so you can perform tasks for all of the tagged records at once. Help topic 2137 explains more about what tasks you can perform for tagged records.

Here are some helpful things to keep in mind when using the Tags feature:

  • Tags only stay in place during the operator's current session or until they are cleared. If you need to mark records so you can identify them when you log in again, use the Flag feature as shown in Help topic 2140.
  • Each operator in your account will only see records that he or she tags. If another operator at your organization is logged in at the same time, his or her tags will not show on your computer—and vice versa.
  • Tags are cumulative for your session unless they are cleared. For example, if you tag 8 records and perform a task, and then tag 5 more records without clearing your tags, the next task you perform for tagged records will be made on 13 records.
  • You can clear tags by un-checking the box on individual records, or you can clear all tags at once by clicking the Clear all tags button found under Tags on the menu.

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Tip of the Week May 4, 2015

Online Training and Consultation Available

In addition to free, unlimited online support, Volgistics now offers personal training and consultation through online meeting software.

Please read more in the Blog here.

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Online Training and Consultation Available

In addition to free, unlimited online support, Volgistics now offers personal training and consultation through online meeting software.

Volgistics was designed so most organizations can setup and use their accounts without additional hands-on help. An extensive Help topic library, Picture of Timvideo tutorials, and free, unlimited online support provide all the resources necessary to begin using the account. However, in some cases, organizations find they need additional assistance. To fulfill these organizations' needs, Volgistics recently completed a pilot program where a member of the support team provides personalized training and consulting through online meeting software. This program is now ready to go live and we are pleased to offer it to customers on a broader scale.

Training and consultation sessions are conducted by our two senior support team members, Tim and Garrett. Most sessions will last from one to two hours and accommodate anywhere from 1 to 25 participants. To make the most out of the training times, groups over five will need to submit their questions (and/or topics they want covered) ahead of time and save their questions until the end. This assures that the material the leaders wish to have covered is addressed during the training session.

Picture of Garrett

The training and consultation sessions cost $100 per hour and must be paid for before the training takes place. If you'd like to schedule a one hour session and pay in advance by credit card, click here. If you'd like a two hour session, or if you'd like to pay in advance by check, please submit an inquiry and let us know which option you'd like. For check payments, we will need to know how many hours of training you will be paying for and the email address you would like the invoice sent to. We prefer limiting sessions to two hours or less in order to conclude the session while everyone is still fresh. However, you can pay in advance for multiple sessions if it's easier for accounting.

Picture of Sparky Tim and Garrett look forward to meeting with Volgistics users in a new way to help you use Volgistics to the fullest and make your job of managing and tracking volunteers easier. We should also take this opportunity to introduce another important member of the Volgistics Team, Sparky the office mascot. He doesn't conduct any training sessions, but you might hear him during your training as he faithfully alerts us when delivery drivers come into the office.

As always, please do not hesitate to submit a help inquiry if you have any questions about the online training, or anything else related to Volgistics.

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Tip of the Week April 27, 2015

Protect your account with strong passwords

Data security is often at the forefront of the news today. We strive to make your Volgistics account secure behind the scenes, and also prevent unauthorized users from gaining access by using three-factor authentication for login and security blocks to prevent repeated attempts to guess your password.

However, the majority of security experts feel that the human element is the greatest threat to security. The same is true in Volgistics. The biggest security weakness in Volgistics is the use of easy to guess passwords. Passwords such as the ones listed in this article on the 25 worst passwords of 2014 make it much easier for unauthorized users to gain access to your account.

We encourage account Administrators to require strong passwords for System Operators. Many security experts are now recommending that passwords be at least 11 characters long. Please click here for information on how to setup the password strength settings for your account.

Please note that if an unauthorized user does hack a password to gain access to one particular account, they will only have access to the information in that account. The information in other accounts is not accessible. Similarly, if a volunteer's login information for VicNet is jeopardized, only that particular volunteer's information is available in the VicNet account.

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Tip of the Week April 20, 2015

Track messages received by volunteers on the History tab

Each time a volunteer is a recipient of an email, text, or Vic Mail message sent from your account, an entry is made in the Messages section of the volunteer's History tab. This feature tracks custom email and text messages sent by System Operators as well as automatic messages such as schedule reminders and reminders sent for annual or periodic Checklist items.

If a message fails to be delivered for some reason, and the recipient's system generates a reason for the failure, the system records information about why the message failed on the History tab. By default, the system looks at the last 3 email or text messages sent to determine email validity and text message validity. You can change this default in your account's setup.

You can learn more about how messages are tracked on the History tab in Help topic 2064.

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Tip of the Week April 13, 2015

Archive inactive records to keep service information and save money

Each Volgistics account includes a non-archived and an archived section. Your account's service level determines how many records can be kept in each section.

The non-archived section of your database is designed to be used for the records of active volunteers. Records in this section have full functionality-- they can have be placed on the schedule, access VicNet and VicTouch, receive email or text messages, be included in all reports, etc.

The archived section of your database is designed to be used when you want to keep service (or other) information for a volunteer, but the volunteer will no longer be active in your organization. Because archived records have limited functionality, they cost much less on a record-by-record basis than non-archived records.

There is not a rule as to when you should archive a volunteer record. Some users archive records after the volunteer has not served for a certain period such as 3 months. Other organizations use the archive to store information for seasonal volunteers where they want to be able to restore the volunteer's information when they return.

You can find out more about how the archive feature works in Help topics 1999 and 2000.

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Tip of the Week April 6, 2015

Run service reports for a single Site, Place or Assignment

When you run Service Summary or Service Detail reports, there may be times when you want to limit the service information included on the report to one particular Assignment, or to just the Assignments that fall under a particular Place or Site in your account. You can learn more about how Sites, Places and Assignments are used in Volgistics in Help topic 2099.

To base a report's information on just certain Assignments, use the settings on the Include page of the service report. Select the "Only include service in…" option and then use the dropdown list to select the name of the Site, Place or Assignment you want the report to be limited to. The completed report will only show service information where the service entry lists the selected Assignment(s).

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Tip of the Week March 30, 2015

You can now print or save a blank PDF file for application forms you create in Volgistics.

The first phase of Volgistics' paperless document storage feature has been released. You can now print or save a blank PDF copy of your volunteer application forms. Please read more in the Blog here.

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