Tip of the Week August 25, 2014

Use Volgistics' Substitute Tracking feature when volunteers are not able to serve.

When volunteers are sick or unable to serve, you can remove them from the schedule for that date and then place a substitute volunteer on the schedule. However, an easier way to do this is to use Volgistics' Substitute Tracking feature to handle short term absences. In order to use this feature, you must first check the "Use substitute tracking" box on the Scheduling Ground Rules page. Then to schedule the substitute volunteer, go to the date on the schedule the volunteer will be unable to serve and click the Edit link in the row where the volunteer appears. This opens an "Edit a schedule entry" box where you can select the substitute volunteer. If the volunteer is filling an opening on the schedule, be sure to click the Edit link that appears on the left in the row with the volunteer's name. Clicking the Edit link on the right will open the "Edit an opening" box used for changing the openings options.

Help topic 1167 has more information on setting up and using the Substitute Tracking feature.

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Tip of the Week August 18, 2014

Delete an entire batch of service.

One method of entering volunteer service hours in Volgistics is to use the Post page to enter service for a whole group of volunteers at once. This can be especially handy if you're posting hours from a schedule. If hours are posted incorrectly with this method, operators must individually edit or delete the service entry for each volunteer. But did you know that if an entire batch of service is accidentally entered incorrectly, you can delete the whole batch at once? Here is how to do this:

  1. Select Setup from the Menu.

  2. Expand the "Account management" link.

  3. Select "Delete a batch."

  4. Follow the directions given.

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Tip of the Week August 11, 2014

Text Messaging Feature Released

We're pleased to announce a new text messaging feature. You can send custom texts to volunteers, and volunteers can choose to receive automated messages, such as reminders, as text messages.

Please read more here.

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Text Messaging Feature Released

We're pleased to announce a new text messaging feature. You can send custom texts to volunteers, and volunteers can choose to receive automated messages, such as reminders, as text messages.

Volgistics now has texting to enhance your ability to communicate with your volunteers. Many volunteers (young and old alike) prefer to receive updates through texts instead of email messages due to their busy lives. Texting allows you to send them messages and reminders that they will receive while they're on the go!

We're excited to offer this new feature free-of-charge to our customers. Because regulations require users to follow an opt-in process to receive texts, accounts will need to have the VicNet module included in their service level to enable text messaging. If you do not have VicNet and would like to add it to your service level, please see the information here.

You will be able to send volunteers and Coordinators custom text messages. Depending on your account's setup, volunteers can also receive text Schedule Reminder and reminder messages when Checklist items are due. Additionally, Coordinators can receive schedule alert messages by text to let them know when volunteers have added or removed themselves from the schedule. System Operators can also have texts sent for application alerts to let them know when an application form has been received.

Please watch the video below to learn more about the new text messaging feature:

You can find more information on texting in the following Help topics too:

Help Topic 1300 – "Text Messaging"
Help Topic 1301 – "Getting Started with Text Messaging"

We feel this new enhancement will compliment Volgistics' robust features and hope you will find it to be a valuable tool for communicating with your volunteers! As always, please feel free to submit a help inquiry if you have any questions.

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Tip of the Week August 4, 2014

Check your account's payment information, service level and space available without signing in to the Volgistics Store.

If you can access the Setup menu for your account, you can find account information without logging-in to the Volgistics Store. To do this, select Setup from the Menu, expand the "Account management" link, and select "Account status."

The page allows you to:

  • Click a link to access the Volgistics Store
  • See your account's payment method and paid through date
  • Review your account's service level and monthly service fee
  • View the number of records used and current space available
  • View and reset VicNet and VicTouch activity for your account.
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Tip of the Week July 21, 2014

Use a second monitor to show Who's Here page at VicTouch sign-in kiosk.

Organizations that use the VicTouch module to record volunteer service sometimes want volunteers, or Coordinators, to be able to quickly see which volunteers have arrived. You can do this by connecting a second monitor to the computer that runs your VicTouch station. Once the monitor is functional, a System Operator will need to initially setup the display by following the directions under the "Full page" heading in Help topic 2307.

If you do not want volunteers to be able to edit their own service entries, you will need to either use a non-touch screen monitor as the second monitor, or mount the second monitor to the wall where people cannot reach it.

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Tip of the Week July 14, 2014

Schedule volunteers from the Schedule tab of their records to have opening settings enforced.

When scheduling volunteers to fill an opening from the Schedule tab of an Assignment, or by selecting Schedule from the menu, you must be careful to click the Fill link beside the unfilled opening instead of scheduling with the Schedule a volunteer box. If the Schedule a volunteer box is used, the volunteer will be placed on the schedule without filling the opening. (Help topic 1205 shows an easy way to determine if a volunteer was placed on the schedule as filling an opening or not.)

If your organization has trouble with volunteers being scheduled without filling openings, you can reduce the likelihood of this happening by taking these steps:

  1. Setup your Assignments to allow scheduling for Openings only on the Assignment's Rules tab.

  2. Ask System Operators to schedule volunteers using the Schedule tab of the volunteer's record instead of the Schedule tab of the Assignment, or the Schedule page itself.

When you take these steps, volunteers will only be able to be scheduled to fill openings as long as the scheduling is done from the Schedule tab of the volunteer's record.

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Tip of the Week July 7, 2014

Setup automatic reports to remind you to change a youth volunteer's record when they become adults

Many organizations separate adult and youth volunteers by giving them different Types in their account such as "Adult" and "Junior." There is not a way to automatically change the volunteer's Type when they reach their 18th birthday, but you can create a report to automatically be run to remind you to update their records.

To do this, first create a Set to identify volunteers who have the "Junior" Type but are 18 years old or older. You will need to use the "Their Type" and "Their Age" Set rules. Once the Set has been created, create a custom Volunteer List report and select the name of the Set you created on the Include page. Save the report to run automatically on a weekly or monthly basis to remind you to update these volunteer records.

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Tip of the Week June 30, 2014

Launch the VicTouch module from your computer

For security, we recommend that VicTouch is always launched in the kiosk mode. The kiosk mode hides the URL address for your Volgistics account as well as the web browser controls. You can find information on how to launch VicTouch in kiosk mode here.

There are times when you may want to launch VicTouch on a temporary basis without going through the steps involved to setup the kiosk. This can be beneficial in situations such as:

  • Your organization does not use VicTouch and you want to try it on a trial basis.

  • You made changes to the module's setup and want to preview it.

  • You want to sign a volunteer in without going to the VicTouch kiosk.

  • You want to check if a problem you're experiencing is system wide, or just at your VicTouch kiosk.

To quickly launch VicTouch from your local computer, select Setup from the menu, expand the VicTouch link, and select Launch at this computer. When the module appears on your screen, use your computer's mouse to click on the buttons.

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