Tip of the Week October 5, 2015

Search for a specific item in your account's Event Log or a volunteer's Notes tab

Each Volgistics account has an Event Log that records key events. Even though every event in your account is not tracked due to size limitations, the Event Log can still become quite long. This makes it hard to find one specific item.

The same problem may occur on the Notes tab of volunteer records. There is not a way to locate specific text on the Notes tab and it may be difficult to find what you need if a lot of information has been recorded.

One way to address this is to use your web browser's Find feature to locate the item you're looking for. To do this, identify a unique phrase to look for such as an event that is recorded, the name of a volunteer record, or the type of note you need. Then, bring up your account's Event Log or the Notes tab. Use your web browser's Find feature to look for the phrase you identified. You can bring up the Find feature from the web browser's menu, or by using the "CTRL" plus "F" keyboard combination.

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Tip of the Week September 28, 2015

Use the Volgistics Store to get invoices and receipts for payments.

Each Volgistics account has a secure Volgistics Store where users can manage a variety of needs for their account such as arranging for payments, creating invoices, and adjusting their service level. The Store can be accessed by System Operators with the Administrator user level and by anyone else who has the accounting access code for the account.

The following Help topics explain how to do common tasks in the Store:

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Tip of the Week September 21, 2015

Use the Contacts tab to record secondary contacts for group records

If your organization uses group records, you can record the main contact's name, address, phone number, and email on the Core tab of the group record. However, there may be times when you need to record additional contact names and information for the group. In this case, you can create a new contact kind and track these additional contacts on the Contacts tab of the group's record. shows the Role they have in assignments.

You will not be able to send email messages from Volgistics directly to the additional contacts for the group. However, you could create custom Address Label Reports with the addresses of the additional contacts for your group records. The contact information could also be included in reports such as the Volunteer Contacts List so the information can be exported from the system.

You can find directions on how to create additional group contact records in Help topic 1990.

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Tip of the Week September 14, 2015

Track Assignments Automatically

In Volgistics, a volunteer's Role in an assignment shows his or her relationship to the assignment. For example, a Role of Assigned likely means that the volunteer is actively serving in the assignment while a Role of Substitute might mean the volunteer is available to fill in for other volunteers in the assignment. The volunteer's Service tab shows the Role they have in assignments.

You can also setup the system to automatically add the Role of Assigned to a volunteer's record whenever the volunteer is scheduled or receives service in an assignment. To do this:

  1. Select Setup from the menu.

  2. Expand the Assignment tracking link.

  3. Select Ground rules.

  4. Check the box by Record assignments automatically.

  5. Click the Save button to keep your selections.

Help topic 2265 explains more about the settings for automatic assignment tracking.

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Tip of the Week September 7, 2015

Change account login credentials.

In many cases operators select to save their account number and login name on the computer they usually use to access Volgistics. This can speed up the login process since this information will not need to be entered each time you login.

However, if you update your login name, the information saved for logging in to the account will no longer be correct. In this case, you can always back-out the incorrect information and enter the new information each time you login. But most users will want to have the new login name appear automatically. To do this, you will need to clear the Internet cookie that holds the information for the old name. Help topic 2056 shows how to do this.

Once the cookies are cleared, the new login name can be saved by checking the Remember my login credentials at this computer box the next time you login.

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Tip of the Week August 24, 2015

Go to the Schedule tab of an Assignment from the Schedule page

There are different ways to view the schedule in Volgistics to match the rendering that fits your needs the best. For example, if you want to view the schedule for your entire organization, you can select Schedule from the menu. Or, if you want to view the schedule for one particular Site, Place or Assignment , you can select Assignments from the menu, click on the name of the Site, Place or Assignment, and then select the Schedule tab. You can even view the schedule for just a particular volunteer or Coordinator by clicking on the Schedule tab in the volunteer's or Coordinator's record.

If you are viewing the daily view of the entire schedule after you select Schedule from the menu, there may be times when want to go directly to the schedule for a particular Assignment. For instance, you may need to add an additional opening to an Assignment. Volgistics makes this easy to do making the Assignment names clickable links. Just place your cursor over the Assignment's name and click. You'll be taken directly to the Schedule tab of the Assignment.

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VicDocs Phase 2 Released

Phase 2 of the VicDocs electronic document storage feature has been released. A PDF copy of the completed application will automatically be saved on the new applicant's volunteer record.

We are pleased to announce that the second phase of the VicDocs electronic document storage feature has been released. This phase adds a new tab to the volunteer records and a PDF file of completed application forms will automatically be placed on this tab when new applicants complete an online application form. When Phase 3 is released, this tab will also be used to upload scanned or saved documents such as photo releases, volunteer agreements, and resumes.

The Phase 2 release will also add a new sub-tab on the Documents tab of your Volgistics mailbox. This will show all of the PDF files created when application forms have been submitted and the record has been received.

Please watch the video below to learn more about the VicDocs feature:

You can also find more information on the Phase 2 release in the following help topics:

Help topic 2142 – "Mailbox Documents Tab"

Help topic 2548 – "Docs Tab (Volunteer Record)"

Help topic 2552 – "How to Print, View or Save a Completed Application Form"

Help topic 2553 – "Documents Tab Rights Setup Page"

We hope you will find the ability to have a PDF file of completed application forms useful. We are happy to make this new tool available as we strive to offer the most comprehensive volunteer management software at a fair and reasonable price! As always, please feel free to submit a help inquiry if you have any questions.

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Tip of the Week August 17, 2015

Print service report for a single archived volunteer record.

There may be times you want to print service reports for archived volunteer records. One way to do this is to create a custom Excel report that contains service information for all archived volunteers. Help topic 1997 shows how to do this.

Archived records also show automatically on Service Detail and Service Summary reports. However, if you want to run one of these reports for just one, or a few, archived records, you cannot use the tags feature to do this like you can with non-archived records. However, you can still run the service reports for one or more archived volunteers by using the Flags feature. Here is what you will need to do:

  1. Make a custom Flag such as "Archive Report."

  2. Add this Flag to the archived volunteer records you want included on the report. Help topic 1998 shows how to find archived records.

  3. Run the Service Detail or Service Summary report you want. On the Include tab, choose "Any of these" under Flags and check the box for the Flag you created.

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Tip of the Week August 10, 2015

Use floating subtotals for information on service in a specific period of time.

In addition to regular service hour entries, Volgistics automatically keeps a total for month-to-date (MTD), year-to-date (YTD), and life hours for volunteers. There are also two floating subtotal fields that you can use to keep track of service performed during monthly time periods that you select. The floating subtotal figures are available in reports and also appear in the Statistics box on the Core tab of the volunteer record.

These fields can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, if your organization operates on a fiscal year, the YTD total will record all service performed so far in the current fiscal year. So if you want to show volunteer service for the calendar year also, you could setup a floating subtotal that covers the calendar year. Or, if your organization has a special event where your volunteer service peaks, but also has volunteers that serve during other times of the year, you could use the floating subtotal fields to track how much service is performed during the months of your event.

Help topic 2260 explains more about how to setup floating subtotals in your account.

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VicNet Mobile is Coming!

A mobile friendly version of VicNet will be released soon. We strongly recommend previewing your account's setup now for a smooth transition.

Volgistics is releasing an update to improve the user's experience when VicNet is accessed on a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. If your account uses VicNet, we encourage you to preview what the user will see so that any necessary adjustments can be made before the volunteers and Coordinators have access to the mobile view.

In the majority of cases very little will need to be done to get your account ready. However, if you've customized VicNet with different colors or graphics, setting up your account for VicNet Mobile becomes even more important so that users will not see something drastically different once the update is released on August 21st.

You can find directions on how to preview what volunteers and Coordinators see with VicNet Mobile in Help topic 2159. This view shows the default color choices and gives an idea of how users will navigate using the menu in the upper left corner. The screen size will not be reduced to imitate a mobile phone or tablet. If you want to see this, you will need to actually login to Volgistics on your mobile phone or tablet, and then go to the Vic tab of the volunteer's record.

Also, some aspects of how the mobile view will work for volunteers and Coordinators are still in the works. So keep in mind when you preview the mobile view you are mainly looking for things such as the color schemes and making sure the menu items match your tab choices. If you find you need to make changes to the default setup for VicNet, please see Help topic 1214.

After the release, your volunteers and Coordinators will continue to go to the URL address for your organization's VicNet portal to login. In many cases, organizations have a link to this somewhere on their website, or the portal is embedded on a page of your website. There is more information on this in Help topic 2153. When the user goes to the portal on a mobile phone or device, there will be a Mobile-Site button that will take them to the mobile friendly view.

Due to the limitations of smaller screen sizes, the VicNet Mobile view will not include exactly the same setup as the full-site view of VicNet. For example, if your schedule is currently in calendar format, it will automatically be changed to a mobile friendly list. Overall the experience will be much more user friendly and we hope your volunteers and Coordinators find the changes beneficial. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to submit an inquiry to the Volgistics Support Team.

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