Tip of the Week July 27, 2015

Use the Find fields, and the Advanced options, to locate volunteer records.

When you're searching for specific groups of volunteer records, the Basic options on the Volunteers page provide a powerful search tool. For example, to locate just Active Adult volunteers, select "Active" from the Status dropdown and "Adult" from the Type dropdown, and then click the "All" link.

However, there are more features available to assist you in locating volunteer records. There are Find fields on the Volunteers page that can be used to search for records based on the first name, last name, number, email address, or group name on the record. The Find fields also include a wild card character that can be entered if you're unsure of some of the information.

There are also Advanced options that allow you to fine tune your search more carefully. For example, you can select to include or exclude multiple Statuses, Types, and Flags. This allows you to search for records with any Statuses except "Inactive" and "Applicant." Or search for all records that are the "Adult" and "Intern" Types. The Advanced options also allow you to search for archived volunteer records. To do this, check the "Archived volunteers" box before you click the "All" or letter links.

Help topic 2023 explains more about the tools available for looking for volunteer records.

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Tip of the Week July 20, 2015

Add states (or provinces) to dropdown

When Volgistics accounts are started, the State/Province dropdown list is only populated with the state or province the organization is located in. This is by design because in many cases volunteers are all located within one geographic area. So having one, or only a few options, makes it easier to use the field. If you need to add states or provinces to this list, you can do this by:

  1. Select Setup from the menu.

  2. Expand the Field options link.

  3. Select Core tab.

  4. Select State (or Province).

  5. Enter each state or province you need to add to the Add a new item field.

  6. Click the Save button beside the field.

  7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 for each state or province you need to add.

There are also buttons to add all states or provinces at the same time. These can be clicked instead of completing steps 5, 6 & 7.

If most of your volunteers are from the same state or province, set the Default entry setting to that state or province. This will make is so most people do not need to change the field when entering information.

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Tip of the Week July 13, 2015

Store websites for volunteer records

Volunteer records in Volgistics have a "Web site" field on the Core tab. On group records, this field can be used to record the organization's website. On individual volunteer records, you can record the volunteer's personal web page or their page on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus.

When a valid URL address is recorded in this field, you can include a Visit link by the field. This link will take you directly to the website entered in the field. If you're already signed into your account, such as Facebook, the link provides an easy way to go to the volunteer's page and do something like make a post on their timeline or send an in box message.

If the Web site field is hidden in your account, or the Visit link is not enabled, you can change this by:

  1. Select Setup from the menu.

  2. Expand the Field options link.

  3. Select Core tab.

  4. Select Web site.

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Tip of the Week July 6, 2015

Use Schedule Icons to determine how a volunteer is scheduled

In Volgistics, volunteers can be scheduled in two different ways. In some assignments, the task does not need to be performed at a specific time of day. Volgistics refers to these assignments as "any time" assignments. There are also assignments where coverage is needed during specific shifts on certain days of the week. Volgistics refers to these assignments as "openings only" assignments. Your organization may have one, or both, of these types of assignments. Help topic 1180 explains more.

The icons that appear on the daily and/or monthly schedules allow you to quickly identify unfilled openings, individual or group volunteer records, and if a volunteer is scheduled to fill an opening or placed on the schedule without filling an opening. You can find out more about the icons that appear on the schedule in Help topic 1205.

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Tip of the Week June 29, 2015

You can copy one volunteer's information with the Clipboard Copy feature.

There may be times when you need to enter a volunteer's basic information (such as name, address, phone number, etc.) into an outside word processing document. For example, some organizations may send letters to volunteers, or create award certificates. If you are doing this for multiple records, the most efficient method is to create a mail merge source file from Volgistics. However, this is not practical if you only need one volunteer's information.

In this case, rather than copying and pasting each field (First name, Last name, Street 1, etc.), or manually entering the information, you can use Volgistics' Clipboard Copy feature to copy the information from Volgistics to your computer's clipboard. From there, you can paste the information into your outside document.

To do this, you must have the feature enabled and select the fields of information to copy. Help topic 1150 shows how to do this. This only has to be done the first time the feature is used. Once this is completed, Help topic 1149 shows how to use the Clipboard Copy feature.

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Tip of the Week June 15, 2015

Use VicTouch Greeting Cards as Event Reminders

If your organization uses the VicTouch module and you have an event coming up you want volunteers to remember, consider using a VicTouch Greeting Card as a reminder. Volunteers will see the reminder each time they login during the time period you select. Sending a reminder message through Vic Mail only causes the message to appear once for each volunteer.

The first thing to do for this is to make a graphic for the reminder. This must meet the following requirements:

  • Format: GIF, JPG or PNG

  • Height: 600 pixels or less

  • Width: 300 pixels or less

  • Size: 48 kb or less

After you have your graphic, setup the "Holiday card (1)" or the "Holiday card (2)" as your reminder. Help topic 2327 shows how to do this. These work great for reminding volunteers about upcoming events such as a deadline for updating their parking pass, service opportunities, meetings, classes, recognition banquets, or other community events.

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Tip of the Week June 8, 2015

Import and print schedule in Excel.

Volgistics includes a Schedule Report feature that allows you to print customized schedules in PDF format. Help topic 8255 has information on these reports. However, there may be times you want to have the schedule in Excel format. There is not a report that is able to do this, but you can use one of Excel's features to get the schedule information for a specific date into an Excel file. Here is what you will need to do:

  1. Select Schedule from the menu.

  2. Go to the date you want the schedule for.

  3. Click the Printable View link that appears in the upper left corner under the date.

  4. Highlight and copy the URL address in the URL address bar.

  5. Launch Excel if it is not already open. Do not exit Volgistics.

  6. Select File from Excel's menu.

  7. Select Open from Excel's menu.

  8. Change the file type dropdown to "All Web Pages (*.htm,*html,…)."

  9. Paste the URL address you copied in step 4 into the File name field.

  10. Click the Open button. There may be a slight delay while the information is transferred from the web page to Excel.

  11. Depending on your security settings for Excel and Windows, you may be prompted to enter your Windows login information.

  12. You can use Excel's menu to save the file as an .xlsx file.

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Tip of the Week June 1, 2015

Use a Set to find records that have information in a spare field.

There may be times when you need to find all the volunteer records in your account that have information in a specific text field. For example, if you've been given the task of verifying the information in a field called School where you record the educational institution a volunteer attends, or attended last. It may be helpful to start by finding all of the records that have information in this field.

You can use the Sets feature to speed up this process. Simply make a Set rule based on the spare field that was used to create the field you need. Use the "does not contain . . ." option, leave the search field blank, and finish making your Set. You can now test the Setview the volunteers in the Set to see which records have information in the field you need. You can also limit a report to just the volunteers in the Set if you need a hard copy of the information.

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Tip of the Week May 25, 2015

Use Sets to make Checklist items apply to volunteers in multiple Assignments.

When you setup a Checklist item, you can have it apply to volunteers who have a specific Assignment by selecting that Assignment's name from the "Those assigned to" dropdown list. Or, you can select a Site or a Place from the dropdown to make the Checklist item apply to all volunteers who have any Assignment that falls under the Site or Place you select. (You can learn more about the Site, Place and Assignment structure in Help topic 2099.)

But what if you only want the Checklist to apply to volunteers who have certain Assignments that fall under a Site or Place? Or you need to have the Checklist apply to volunteers who have Assignments that fall under different Sites or Places? You can do this by creating a Set based on the "Their Assignment" or the "Their Assignment Cluster" Set rules.

After you test the Set to make sure it identifies the volunteers who have the Assignments you want for the Checklist item, select the name of the Set from the "If they are in this set" field on the setup page for the Checklist item. Your Checklist will now apply to volunteers with the multiple Assignments identified in the Set.

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